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Registration for participants

Participation is open to anyone in their organisation, a professional role or is self-employed or an artisan. This means we can assure your identity for reasons of payment anti-fraud and abuse prevention for other participants. It also means you wont have to keep re-registering when you want something from the platform. or if you move roles your participation travels with you.

Inevitably this validation is not an instant process and we aim to complete that in three working days at most.

After registration your details are forwarded to a user- administrator who checks your details then authorises your account.  The next step is to complete your profile as that helps Leaders and Authors (and us) to find you.

Then you can browse the platform for articles or complete your first event registration. If you can’t find what you want please mail or message us and ask for it, we have a huge backlog of materials and probably have what you want available.  When a new article or event is scheduled an invitation is sent to you.

An article stands-alone, alternatively sets the scene for a single event, or opens a briefing for forming a long-term cohort of participants. An event can be learning, discussions, advisory, coaching, mentoring or pretty much anything you can suggest that helps.

All of the Leaders and Authors have joined the platform by invitation only, which is how we assure their expertise and skill for your purpose is relevant and professional.

Account Registration

*Note: Membership to this site is private. Once your account information has been submitted, the Site Administrator will be notified and your application will be subjected to a screening procedure. If your application is authorized, you will receive notification that you can access the site. All fields marked with a red asterisk are required. (Note: - Registration may take several seconds. Once you click the Register button please wait until the system responds.)

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